Secluded and alone, You will always be.
Forgot by all,
Even by your family.
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Color Contrast

I a few months ago, signed up for a digital photography weekly newsletter that contains helpful tips on all types of techniques, posing, and composition. The website for the newsletter also has forums. People give advice, do reviews and share how is the world they got that amazing shot. They also have an optional weekly assignment. This week’s assignment is “Color Contrast”.

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In Love. <3

I am learning a lot about photography through experience. Having my camera out and pretty much annoying the crap out of my family. As I learn more about the current digital techniques to print, I wonder about the techniques used to print using film.


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I finally created a photography blog! In order to get better, I should review my photos each week. Looking back will let me see what worked, and what did not work. It will help me to see my strengths and things I need to improve on. My  first post contains photos from the entire month of December of 2012. Each post after that will be a weekly update of what I believe to be my “best” photos of the week. It could be random street photography, Pictures of my children or hubby, some snapshots of the clouds in the sky, or maybe something interesting that I saw along my journey. You can easily navigate to my photo blog by clicking on the “Shutter Shock!” link in my menu! and you can also get back to my main account by clicking on the “BLOG” link on my photo blog’s menu. I hope you will enjoy my posts on Shutter Shock and offer feed back as I would love to get better at the art of photography!

Have any questions, concerns or advice?

Let me know! Leave a comment, e-mail me or tweet it! @MANICxIDIOT


January 5th, 2013

Tomorrow is Jim’s grandmother’s birthday, and the 10th is the anniversary of her pressing. The air is thick with sorrow as his family, one by one, answers the phone to hear the news of Uncle Bobby’s passing this morning.
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December 2012

Last month was so big for our family. Many struggles and triumphs all crammed into a very short thirty-one days.

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Just Another Embellishment On My Résumé

During my hiatus, I had a job at a marketing company. The idea of marketing is simple enough. I have a product or service that people want, and I go to them and let them know that I have it. It is so easy, and that is why little girls from the Girl Scouts walk around doing it with no problem.

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