I was just thinking, not too long ago, that kisses are amazing. 🙂 If done correctly, of course. A single kiss could mean more than words, sex, money, etc. I, for one absolutely love being kissed on the cheek and forehead. To me they mean more than a kiss on the lips or neck. A kiss on the cheek, to me, portrays the want to kiss someone without the worry of a kiss in return, and a kiss on the forehead can mean “I care for you so much, and I need you in my life.” When someone kisses me on the forehead in a loving fashion it just tells me that I am very important to that person and that makes me smile from ear to ear. Sometimes it’s enough to make me tear up. I know… I’m being all mushy and it’s gross. :p Well, Mister/Miss Reader, you’re gross. xD Any-who, I believe that if you are with the right person, every kiss will be prefect and mean the world to you. Or Jupiter if you’re weird like that, and if you’re weird like that, then I like you. Follow me and I’ll follow you back weirdo. 🙂


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