School. :)

I am more than happy to say that I have finally registered for college. On January 19th, 2011 I will be attending my first class. All I have left on my thinks to do before then is to go get my id card and my books, which thanks to have the world’s most shitty and WHOREable mother and basically no father, I will be going to school for free. 🙂

Anyone who has anything bad to say about it can kiss my black and Irish ass. I will amount to something. My life will not be meaningless. I will not be a dead beat. I will be a role model for my daughter. I will get a job so I can support myself and Lilly. I wont need to leach off of people. I will own my own house. I wont be a pathetic waist of life and skin.

My first classes are Basic Psychology,  Music Appreciation, Spanish, Algebra, and Writing. My major is English and I am really excited about it. There are so many things that I can do with a degree in that field. I can go to be a teacher, newspaper editor, a writer for newspapers, a novelist, and so many other nonconventional careers as well.

I would love to be a teacher. I love children. I know that I want two to four children of my own running around my house when I get older. It would be a great accomplishment to teach the children of my community. If I was to become a teacher, I would try to be a middle or high school teacher. It would be great fun interacting with so many different children during the day, and helping such a misunderstood age group get through that very tough age.

To be a member of a newspaper team would be pretty exhilarating. I would love to be surrounded by people who love to write. When you surround yourself with people with the same passion and if they are “better” than you, you can learn greatly from them. I would love to learn some tips and trick to writing a good article and or novel.

Speaking of novels, to be a novelist would be great. especially if more than my family read the book. To be a published author would be amazing. To have something I wrote to be sold in stores, if I was a novelist, would be the moment that I would consider myself there. Do not get me started about if I were to when an award for something I wrote.

Anyway, back to me being ecstatic about school. Although the road through college to a better life will be the hardest thing I have done yet with my life, I will not back down. I will rise to the occasion and soar like a swan learning my craft and passion to become everything I wish and hope to be for not only myself, but my daughter as well. Wish me luck. 😀


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