2.) Banana Milkshakes

Are you looking for the most awesome milkshake of ALL TIME?! Well, it’s at Checkers. It is call a banana milkshake. This milkshake tastes so yummy. All the banana goodness plus a brain freeze!

I have a friend named Danny Quiznos, whose last name is actually something Spanish and contains one of those “n”’s with the squiggly thing on top of it, but due to the lack of a button with a that symbol of my netbook keyboard, we are just going to keep his last name Quiznos. Anyway, he use to always bring me a banana milkshake. However, times are changing and now I do not get any banana milkshakes. Sometimes I want to tell him that I  cry myself to sleep because I don’t get banana milkshakes from him, but that would be lying and that’s not nice. Banana milkshakes are not the most important thing in the world (although they should be).

In order to obtain this amazing milkshake all you need to do is:

  1. Drive or walk to a Checkers
  2. Tell that person asking for your order “I WANT A BANANA MILKSHAKE!”
  3. Pay for the banana goodness
  4. Receive milkshake
  5. Drink milkshake
  6. Enjoy life again

If you follow these simple steps you too can have a banana milkshake addiction. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 😉


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