7.) Your First Kiss

Awkward… Why in heaven’s name did I choose such a topic? I suppose now is too late to turn back and change this topic on the other post seeing as I have already started typing this post and my backspace gets more than enough use already.

Anyway, my first kiss took place at The Philadelphia Zoo. Don’t judge me. Ha-ha. It was with my first Camden County Technical and Vocational High School “sweetheart”. It was in the nocturnal part of the zoo… Next to the Vampire Bat cage. Why am I so creepy? I have no idea, but how many other people have you met (or read about) that have been that just right amount of weird to do something like that? I haven’t met too many.


I am in the middle of the cafeteria at Camden County College typing this up and a group of 5 or 6 other students keep looking over at me all weird. Ha-ha. Just going by the way they are dressed and are carrying themselves, it looks like I could fit in with them. I am in no way saying that I want to go over and talk to them. That is not my style when I am all alone in my loneliness of not knowing anyone here. I have a lot to talk about with my first day of classes being today. Chances are you will read about that later.


It was an ok kiss. Chances are that back then I was a terrible kisser and needed some lessons. Let me clarify that I have gotten a lot better. 😉 Not that you will get a chance to do that, anonymous readers who keep making my page view go up but never comment. Ha-ha.  Just an FYI: it’s totally fine that you don’t ever really comment. I’m fine with that.

Anyway, since it was a sucky kiss, there isn’t too much to say anymore. So, I’ll catch ya on the flip side. 😀


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