14.) Friends

Friends, for me, are a very weird thing. The truth is that I haven’t had a real friend who hasn’t had a major crush on me, and that takes a toll on the friendship. It is neither their fault, nor my fault. You can’t truly help how you feel. Your feelings are true and just happen. They are natural, but sometimes I wish that I would just be just that right amount of bitchy, where people don’t create intimate feelings for me, but can still deal with my bitchiness just enough to be my friend.

It also sucks because I am not exactly very good at being friends with girls. Honestly I find most of them annoying, so I tend to hang out with more guys. which really doesn’t really help this “friend” situation at all.

I honestly don’t really feel like talking my lack of real friends.


And no I don’t have imaginary friends…. Get outta here. :p


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