27.) If You Could Go Back In Time…

This is a list of things I would do differently. I figured it would be a lot easier to say in a list rather than a few paragraphs.  🙂

  1. I would wait to have sex until I was married
  2. I would try harder in High School
  3. I would NOT trust a word my mother has said
  4. I would follow my dream and go to Fashion Institute of Technology in New York
  5. I would stay in CCTVS until I graduate
  6. I would be there for Joe when he needed someone
  7. I would hangout with more of my friends
  8. I would practice more on my guitar
  9. I would tell my mother how I really feel about Stephanie’s “dad”
  10. I would not cut my hair so short 😥
  11. I would go for the person that I really wanted in High School
  12. I would plan out my schooling plan
  13. I would not trust any of Jim’s hockey friends
  14. I would believe in myself more
  15. I would stand up for myself
  16. I would live a little more risky
  17. I would not trust people so easily

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