28.) Random

I am kind of curious as to why they don’t make marijuana legal already? Honestly, in my opinion, it is a lot like drinking. The government should just put an age on it and sell it. it just might get us out of this stupid recession a little faster. I think maybe 21 would be an appropriate age for it, or maybe even 20 since it’s such a lame age. 20 is when you are bored with the “excitement” of buying your own cigarettes and still waiting that whole year to go out and legally drink.

So… ever since I saw the movie Requiem for a Dream, I have been non-stop talking about it. This movie just tosses you into the lives of four people trying to make it and have meaning to their lives till they can finally get “there”. Seriously, if you haven’t seen that movie, then go do it… RIGHT NOW!  If me yelling at you via my blog, then just know that two girls go ass to ass, and it’s the same director of Black Swan.

Random thoughts:

I am sitting here watching iCarly and Spencer is totally adorkable. I painted Lilly’s toes today a sparkly color with a green stripe on each toe. I did attempt to paint her finger nails, but it didn’t go as well. Apparently, it takes 6 times shorter to straighten my hair with two people, compared to the half hour it takes me by myself. I am seriously considering getting my nipples pierced within a few weeks. I just got nervous typing that sentence. Anyway, I’ve got to go potty, so… I’ll catch yah later. 🙂


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