1. Write a Love Story.

Seeing as today is my Emma’s (my littlest sister) birthday, she will be my main character. Queue cliché into:

ONCE UPON A TIME, there lived an adorable little blonde girl, named Emma. She was funny, silly and loved by all that knew her. She loved to bake and owned her own Easy Bake bakery. Her bakery was more popular than any other shop selling food in the entire country. People would travel miles and miles to enjoy a nibble of her cupcakes.

Eventually, a rumor spread around town that Emma was putting some sort of magic in her cupcakes to make everyone who tasted them to fall madly in love with her (which would be a great business strategy). It even appeared in the paper. Emma started to believe this because all of her customers did, in fact, seem to be head over heals in love with her.

Emma didn’t have the same feelings for her customers, except one. Her favorite customer, besides her biggest sister, was a boy named Chris. When he would come in he would only order hot chocolate. He never tried her cupcakes because his father died coking on a cupcake. He always spent his recess at her bakery, and they would sit and talk over a cup of hot chocolate.

One day, Chris finally decided that he wanted to try one of the cupcakes that he read about in the newspaper, since his whole class was talking about them nonstop. Emma, scared that he wouldn’t love her for her, refused to sell him a cupcake. The boy didn’t believe the rumors, and insisted that she let him buy one.

Emma broke down in tears and told him that she wanted him to love her for her personality, not because of some magic cupcake. Chris stood there shocked.

“I love you too,” he said. “I have always loved you.” Emma couldn’t believe her ears. She looked up at Chris as he wiped the tears from her eyes.

Chris told Emma that his teacher teaches science after recess and asked her if he could take one to run some tests on it. Emma nodded and handed the best looking cupcake she had ever made to Chris.

Back at school, Chris asked his teacher to run some tests on the cupcake. Test after test came back negative for magic. Chris took a bite and realized why Emma’s cupcakes where making people fall in love.

Chris returned to the bakery as soon as possible and told Emma “You’re cupcakes are magical because you love to make them, and you put all that love right into them. People love that about you. It makes them feel at home.”

Emma hugged Chris and thanked him for helping her figure out what was so magical about her cupcakes. Chris helped her make a fresh batch and enjoyed them together for the rest of recess. The end. 🙂


3 thoughts on “1. Write a Love Story.

  1. Is interesting, but It goes a little bit fast, don’t you think so?, but it stills interesting, this kind f histories goes under the “magic realism” genere, or at least I think so, you are good, but you should make the storie goes a little bit more, before you make your characters confess each other

    1. Yeah, I was going for a short story that could be read within 10 minutes, but after rereading it, you are right. It moves a little too fast. I’ll have to keep that in mind for the next story. 🙂

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