4. What/who inspires you to write?

There are a few things and people who inspire me to write. Since most of my writing is poetry, I like to write lyrics to my guitar parts. So, my hobby of playing guitar inspires a lot of my poetry. The chords and notes I am playing set a mood and an atmosphere.

My daughter inspires me a lot as well. She helps to make a lot of my music and writing have a happy and upbeat feel to it. I love when she sits on my lap while I am playing my guitar. It’s like both of our energy is making the music.

Jimmy Moser, aka. @Mojimzer, also inspires me. Whether he is making me smile or cry, he is the subject of most of my music and poetry. It doesn’t matter if he is carrying the title of my boyfriend or ex. Whatever this man does in his day to day life does nothing but inspire me. Every little thing he does makes something click in my head and I have lyrics and poetry running from ear to ear.

My personal experiences greatly influence my writing of all sorts. The way things happen to me affect the way I play my guitar and thus put me in a certain mood to write my poetry and my lyrics.

I’m really happy that I have a great source of influence and inspiration. I am never drawing a blank for words when it comes for words. I am very greatfull to have never suffered from writers block, and let’s hope for the sake of my sanity that I don’t ever have to go through that. 🙂


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