11. What Is Your Writing Style Most Like?

When I am writing, it is very similar to when I rant incessantly about something. The vast majority of my blog is me just blerting out whatever is going on in my noggin. I suppose that is why I love when people repond with their reactions and final thoughts. I want it to feel more like I am having a conversation with my readers, instead of being that crazy guy sitting two tables away from you talking to himself… Creepy. 😛

Other than ranting, I write a lot of poetry. I do not count my sylabuls when writing since I can hear the rhythm better than trying to turn it into a mathmatical thing. I would only count the sylabuls if I had already tried several ways to get a stanza to work. Most of the time, if I am frustated enough to count sylabuls, I will chop up the idea I was desperatly trying to make work and use it in several places during the poem. It helps the poem stay on topic, and gives it a nice flow, normally.

Ending side note:
Honestly, I think it would be cool to write an entire Manga’s  story and conversations in rhymes. It would be one long poem with visual to help portray what is going on. (Awesome idea: hint hint) Haha. 🙂


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