14. Write a Short Autobiography i.

Since this is supposed to be a short autobiography, I will do it in three different posts. I will post more to this at a later date. I will put it in the same category and keep the number “14” in the title and number with the Roman Numerals. Let us began…

My name I Melissa Lynn Hendrick. I was born on December 17th, 1990. I have four half sisters (two older from my father’s side and two younger from my mother) and one younger half brother from my mother.

When I was five, my mother, Eleanor, moved me to Sicklerville, New Jersey with the guy she had been sleeping with. His name is Charles, and they concieved my oldest little sister. Stephanie was born on January 16th, 1995. They got married when I was about 8 or 9 years old. We lived with Charles until I was about 11 years old.

My mother cheated on her husband with a man she worked with at her job, and conceived a child. Charles asked her to abort the child, but my mother decieded to keep the baby and be with the child’s father, Brian.

We moved to Jamestown Apartments in Blackwood, New Jersey with my aunt, Joanna, and her two children, Jennifer (1991) and Craig (2000).

Brian was also married and had a toddler already. He wanted to stay with his wife and asked Eleanor to abort the child as well. She kept the child and begged him to be with her.

Eleanor went into labor nine months later with three people in the delivery room, my aunt, my cousin and myself. She gave birth to my brother Aaron on February 7th, 2003. Not too long after Aaron’s birth, Brian decided to be with my mother and we moved to a town home in Cherrywood, not too far from our apartment.

During the time that we lived at the town house, I began writing poems and slipping into a shallow depression. I felt that my mother never noticed me. My father never being in my life also took a toll on my sanity as well. I began writing poem after poem about wanting to escape to a place where people would appreciate me for who I was and help me be the person I wanted to be.

I began to go to Camden County Vocational and Technical School for the Autobody and Collision career program. I loved the school and being able to work on cars for three out of my nine classes a day.

In 2005, Brian and Eleanor concieved, yet again, another child. Brian was upset since he did not want to have any more children. (It turns out, Eleanor was taking a needle and poking holes into all the condoms and putting a cotton pads beneath her birth control patch in an attempt to have another child.) On March 5th, 2006, my last sibling was born and my mother had a hystrectomy (thank God).

The morning following the last day of my sophmore year, Brian and Eleanor moved us to Sicklerville, New Jersey. Where Eleanor began cheating on Brian with other men (and apparently some women) from her new job.

During my Junior year, my mother decided that Camden County Vocational and Technical School wasn’t “challenging enough” since I was a straight “A” student. She then transfered me to Timber Creek Regional High School. Unfortuanly, she did not realize that I was going to get certified to do Autobody and Collison repairs, easily get into the New Jersey Stars Program with my straight “A”‘s, and go to college for free. Since I wanted nothing to do with Timber Creek, I let my grades slip; I gave up trying to prove to Eleanor that I was smart.

I strated to make friends at Timber Creek, but the best of all was Jeanette. She was the first student to walk up to me and introduce herself and make an effort to be my friend. She gave me hope that not everyone at Timber Creek was a stuck up, spoiled rotten trustfund baby. Thanks to Jeanette, I began playing guitar more and writing songs. 🙂 I can NEVER THANK HER ENOUGH.

Eventually, I began dating a guy named Michael in my Senior year. Things were okay, but it was obvious from the begining; he was NOT my “Prince Charming.” I tried to make things work. In the midst of everything going on (school, keeping my mother’s dirty secrets, my own saddness and lonliness, and not having a plan for my schooling) Michael and I conceived a child near the end of Senor year. I could never abort a child, so we decided to take responsibility for our actions and have our child, and if you read my posts, that should be no shock. Haha. I talk about my daughter enough.

Anyway, her father decided to go to Rutgers Camden; meanwhile, I went to work and put college on hold to save up money for our baby. On Friday, February 13th, 2009, I became the mother to the world most beautiful baby girl. I named her Lillian Rae.

After Lilly was born, tension in the relationship between Michel and I began to build. I was taking care of Lilly 24/7, while he lived at school having a good old tme. He began saying mean, inappropriete, rude and hurtful things to me. After sitting down and talking to my mother about my relationship (she was all for me “kicking that scum too the curb”) I ultimatly decieded to try to make the relationship work for Lilly’s sake. I wanted to give her a family like I never had. However, when I returned home to Michael, he told me that “things weren’t working out.” I packed some clothes for Lilly and myslef then left.


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