A Sigh of Relief.

Many things about wordpress make me exstatic. This may be out of spite, but I just don’t give a f*ck. So, here is a post about why wordpress and I are kick ass.

I love the fact that anyone can come on here and read what I have to say. I don’t have anything to hide from my boyfriend, or exes. If they come here and read something and it pisses them off, then F*CK YOU, DUMB ASS. No one told you to read it.

It’s awesome that more than 2 people know about my blog. It goes to show that people actually care about what I say and think up inside my tiny little woman brain. Unless you are writing a diary, you are the world’s biggest pussy for being scared of what people think.

I love how wordpress hasn’t become a hot spot for dumb ginger skanks who do nothing but complain about the person that they are with. Look, you dumb b*tch, dump him and get th f*ck over it.

WordPress is not TUMBLR. It is not filled with 12 and 13 year olds reblogging ever clever thing someone else came up with. The people here aren’t copying each other. We are original. Artists… get on my f*cking level.

“The queen is just a paun with a bunch fancy moves.” Honey, your simple paun brain will never be able to fully comprehend the would around you. You’re ignorant to the ways of the queen. She has figure more out as an infant that you will your entire life.


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