I’m feeling inspired.

Many of my weeknights are spent working at Peircing Pagoda with my Assisstant Manager, Dawn. She’s total sweet heart with fire in her heart (no, it’s not heart burn). She’s just feisty.

One night we were at work. Dawn was telling me that she would soon be graduating from county college and moving on up to Rowan University. Being intrested in going back to school and “finding my calling”, I asked her what she was going “to be”. I probably could have guessed it had something o do with children, seeing how she adores them, but I donkt think I would have guess a Kindergarden or Pre-K teacher.

I told her how I had once wanted to be a English teacher. Dawn said “Girl, do it. You should go back to school and get your degree. The state wil pay for you to go… Do it!”

Needless to say, I am getting all of my information together so I can hopefully attend Autumn classes.


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