I Deserve?

How often do you just sit back and think about every little thing you have ever done? All the good, all the wrongs… If you calculated it up, would you have more than you deserve? Or maybe fate has given you the short end of the stick. Are you truly grateful for the wonders in your life? Or do they go unappreciated?

2012-05-19 12.09.35

I, for one, honestly believe that there isn’t a single person alive today who has what he or she actually deserves. My children are an amazing blessing that I don’t believe I deserve. I haven’t done enough good in my life to deserve two healthy and beautiful children.

Everyday, I stride to stop and enjoy the little things that happen to me during the day. I am more than grateful for the things I have; therefore, I stop and make sure that I realize all the good things in my life.

I truly believe that if more people stopped to think about what they have and deserve, they would be a lot more kind to others. I kind of just wish that the world these days was a kinder and friendlier place to be. There is no need for all the ill-tempered, rude and ignorant people to act in such a way. People should just be polite, have honor, and get along….


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