Just Another Embellishment On My Résumé

During my hiatus, I had a job at a marketing company. The idea of marketing is simple enough. I have a product or service that people want, and I go to them and let them know that I have it. It is so easy, and that is why little girls from the Girl Scouts walk around doing it with no problem.

On my résumé, I will describe my job as Blah Blah Business Consulting, LLC [An Hour From My House, PA] [Account Representative]

  • Marketing for fortune 500 companies.
  • Consult numerous customers on a daily basis.
  • Use/practice sales and marketing techniques and theories.
  • Assist customers with third party verification phone calls.
  • Respectfully and professionally represent clients at all times.
  • Associate sales and marketing field work with owning a business.
  • Attend daily lessons pertaining to sales, marketing and management.

When in reality, all my job called for was a lot of determination. Walking from business to business and attempting to talk to business owners about their electricity bills and getting them to choose the supplier I was representing. During my interview, the job sounded and looked easy enough. However, I did not realize that business owners do not want to talk about their electric bill during the busy week days with a stranger who was going to have to fill out paperwork and then make a phone call. Business owners don’t have time for that, and if they do have time, they do not want to be spending it thinking about their electric bill.

The job was all commission based. The chance of coming home one week without getting any money was very great. Needless to say, I left that job for fear that I would be practically be spending way more money than I would be earning. With a family, a steady income is what settles your mind when you know that the bills are coming. There are a lot of opportunities out their. I just need to find one that is a good match for my family and myself.

One thing i will take away with me from this experience is the determination to get some where and to remember that I have the power to make everyday a great day. 🙂


One thought on “Just Another Embellishment On My Résumé

  1. A big part of life and work is finding out what doesn’t work, what’s not a good match. No experience is ever wasted, really– not even trudging around talking electricity bills… : )

    Hang in there, keep smiling, wishing you all the best.

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