Sunrise Pizza

I love pizza! What person in their early 20’s doesn’t? I could eat pizza all day every day. About 2 years ago, I found a recipe for a breakfast pizza, and I am in LOVE!
It’s called Sunrise Pizza. It is very simple and versatile. It’s simplicity allows for so many possibilities!

At the very least you’ll need:
Pizza dough (store-bought is a great time saver)
Scrambled eggs

When I make Sunrise Pizza for Jim and I, I start off by whipping up some BACON! It just wouldn’t be breakfast with out it. 🙂

Then, I start making around 8 eggs, scrambled, as you would on any other given day. My eggs usually have some onions, green peppers and a bit of Tarragon tossed in. Jim likes cheesy eggs.

You roll out you dough on a cookie sheet, and toss your eggs on top. Then, start loading it up with all the topping goodness that you desire!

Some topping ideas are:
Pork Roll

Pop that bad boy right into the oven until your dough has cooked and BAM! You have yourself an amazing breakfast that is so delicious, you’ll wish you had extra stomaches!

2013-01-19 10-10-55
My half of the sunrise pizza.
2013-01-19 10-11-16
Jim’s half of the sunrise pizza.


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