Color Contrast

I a few months ago, signed up for a digital photography weekly newsletter that contains helpful tips on all types of techniques, posing, and composition. The website for the newsletter also has forums. People give advice, do reviews and share how is the world they got that amazing shot. They also have an optional weekly assignment. This week’s assignment is “Color Contrast”.

Color wheel (Photo credit: Leopard Print)

When you are taking a photograph emphasizing on color contrast you want to keep in mind your color wheel. The best colors to use for color contrast are complimentary colors (color that are directly across from one another on the color wheel). For example: Red and Green, Blue and Orange, Purple and Yellow.

I have searched for a while for a great  opportunely  to capture a photograph demonstrating the beauty and eye-popping qualities of color contrast. Below are some of the photos I have considered for my submission.

2013-01-21 13-51-51

2013-01-25 23-37-41_01

2013-01-26 00-21-58_01

2013-01-26 13-33-36

Saved the best for last. I will probably be going with one of the flower photos. Smile

Have any thoughts, questions or concerns?

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