Mi madre

My mom and I reconciled after a long time of being apart, and  I am glad.

My mom is the one who raised me. She has been there when I was ill and well. Being without her has definitely given me the push to grow up,  mature and move on.

I speak with her almost daily now and visit at least once a week. We are on good terms. She is one of the first people I call if something happens – good or bad.

There are; however, people in our lives who have expressed frustration and anger towards our relationship.  Mostly, it is my teenage sister.  I don’t believe she has matured enough to understand that adults can find a way to repair relationships with people whom they truly love. I am hoping that one day she will realize that life is too short to bicker and hold grudges against those dear to our hearts. The past is always going to be there, but we can choose to be bigger than it and move on.

That is where I am. Moving on.


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