This is where I feature my photograph of the week. Come Check it out!

January2015_38Nikon D80 1/640 sec at f/1.8, ISO 100, 50 mm

This week’s photo is of my in-laws’ Mal-Shi (Maltese and Shitzu mix), named Cody. He is fluffy, adorable and personality to match.

I really was focusing on framing this week. Trying to add emphasis to my subject by having surrounding my subject drawing the viewer’s eyes right where I need them to be.

This photo is a little different from other framing shots, most of the photographs that I have seen use framing, they have the frame in the foreground. My frame is technically in the background.

I also love the light in this image. It has a warm cozy feel to it. Like a hot cocoa kind of day. I feel the shot has drama and impact due to the subject is almost silhouetted.

Would you like to see more?

To view all of my photography, just head on over to my photo-blog on Tumblr!


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